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Thursday, Aug. 24 5:00-5:45pm

Mountcastle Forum

A distinguished panel of metal clay experts will discuss what's happening in the metal clay world; what's new, what's hot, who to watch and where we are headed.
Our panel host will direct questions and answers from the host as well as the audience. This is a great opportunity to ask the tough questions and gain a better understanding of where we want to focus our efforts in the coming years.
Panel members:
Barbara Rivolta
Pam East
Stephanie Chavez
Cathy Flesher
Brandy Boyd
Kim Struve
Michael Marx
Carrie Story


Friday, Aug. 25 5:30-6:15pm

Mountcastle Forum

Carrie Story of Clay Revolution will present an insider perspective on the huge changes to the silver clay industry this year.
Carrie will discuss the set backs, the advances and the goals for the future of our industry.
We can't give you all of the details yet. But get ready to have your socks blown off!!!


Saturday, Aug. 26 5:30-6:15pm

Mountcastle Forum

Join Paula McDowell as she takes you on a journey of recent innovations in design, tools and supplies.
2016 roundtable pic
Paula McDowell
2018-08-23  MCAS  Mary P Zimbro-22
Pam East
donnapenoyer headshot
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