Stephanie Chavez TDW Inlay Basics 3.jpg
Stephanie Chavez TDW Inlay Basics.jpg

Technique Discovery Workshop

"Inlay Basics in Metal Clay" with Stephanie Chavez

Registration opens January 1st

Sunday, August 27, 2023, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

These fun Technique Discovery Workshops are just $1 each, and are open only to attendees who've purchased the MCAS General Registration. Please choose just one Sunday Technique Discovery Workshop. They're held simultaneously.

In this 2-hour technique discovery you will explore how the unique characteristics of metal clay make a great medium for creating “walls” and settings for inlay. You will learn the basics of stone chip inlay which will cover how to create your own inlay chips from stones and beads you already have, some of the different types of glues and epoxy to use and which may be best for certain applications. In addition you’ll learn about Inlay fillers, grinding, sanding, finishing and much more.

Stephanie Chavez TDW Inlay Basics 2.jpg