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Warm Color Enamels on Silver Clay with Pam East

This workshop meets Friday and Saturday, August 25 & 26, 2023, 9AM-5PM with a lunch break

This two day workshop will focus on successfully firing red, yellow, pink, purple and other warm color enamels on silver clay. Day one we will create a Basse Taille pendant suitable for enameling. Day two will be devoted to getting those rich warm colors to fire beautifully on your project. Techniques will also cover improving enamel clarity and and graduated shading.

Registration fee: $390

A kit fee of $25 will be collected by the instructor during the workshop and covers enamels and other consumables.

Student Tools and Supplies

I prefer all students use Art Clay Silver to keep firing schedules and results consistent. Pam will have Clay, Trivets, Brushes, Pearls and Gem drops available for purchase. Enrolled students will get a list of tools and supplies available for purchase in advance of class.

Please bring:

  • 20g Art Clay SilverTM

  • 5g Art Cay SilverTM Syringe.

  • 10g Art Clay SilverTM Paste (reconstituted paste made from dust or a bit of clay is fine)

  • Fine Needle tool

  • Roller

  • Rolling Platform (hard smooth surface for rolling out clay)

  • Flexible non-stick work-surface (Teflex or Plastic notebook dividers)

  • Cutter / Scraper (optional)

  • Graduated Slat Sets

  • Sponge, clean and new

  • Steel Wire brush

  • Metal Clay Brushes – Silver Brush – Silverwhite 1500S

    o Bright#4

    o Round#0

  • Enameling Brushes – Silver Brush – Golden Naturals 2000S

    o Round#0

  • Pam East Adjustable Trivet (small or large fine)

  • Dry dusting brush

  • Water dish or cup

  • Rubber Block (Optional but helpful)

  • Escapement or small needle files

  • Manicure sanding blocks or sanding sticks, Foam-backed sanding pads, or other sanding and refining


  • Flash shiners

  • Tropical Shine Pink 400/600 Grit nail file

  • Tropical Shine Blue 220/320 Grit nail file

  • Inexpensive toothbrush (clean and new)

  • Gentle domes for forming clay to a shallow domed shape. Tap lights or battery operated closet lights

    work well. Dome must be VERY shallow. Light bulbs are too deep.

  • Fine tip permanent marker (Sharpie)

  • Scissors

  • Disposable rubber, latex or vinyl gloves

  • N100, N95 or P95 dust mask. Mask should have a full seal around nose and mouth.

  • Polish Cloth

  • Magnifying Visor

  • Small plastic pipette or eye dropper

  • Jewelry pliers for assembly

  • Half drilled pearl or gem drop (Optional. I will have lots of choices available in class)

  • 3 disposable cups. 9 oz good size

Use this link to navigate to the store page where you can purchase this workshop, the General Registration, and more!

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