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Making Faces: Explorations into Caricature and Expression with Michael Marx

This workshop meets Friday and Saturday, August 25 & 26, 2023, 9AM-5PM with a lunch break

A face is more than just eyes, a nose and a mouth. In this two-day Master class, we will be exploring different ways of making a face (human, animal or otherwise) using PMC Flex. We will start off by making a hollow-form base, then, depending on the kind of face desired, make the main facial details and embellishments. We will explore expressions using different methods of creating eyes and the potential added details of a tongue, horns, eyebrows or even facial hair! We will further embellish them with more texture and details.  Amazing results are possible and the outcomes are limitless. This class is for the more experienced artist to further hone their creative skills.


Students should bring: 30+g of PMC Flex (50g. is recommended), standard toolkit, work surface, textures, press molds, etc.,

Registration fee: $390

A class kit fee of $40 will be collected by the instructor during the workshop and includes: mini-dome form, ½ wooden egg, wooden clothespin and mini wooden clothespin, custom textures, cubic zirconia, string and a drinking straw. Additional items may be added as a surprise!!!

Use this link to navigate to the store page where you can purchase this workshop, the General Registration, and more!

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