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Marianne Donohoe - 3 pipe set - Marianne Donohoe.jpg
Marianne Donohoe - 3 pipe set back - Marianne Donohoe.jpg

Sweet Sounds of the Pan Pipes with Marianne Donohoe

This workshop meets Friday and Saturday, August 25 & 26, 2023, 9AM-5PM with a lunch break

In this 2-day workshop, students construct a working set of 3 pan pipes and decorate them with embellishments. Students will learn about the sizes required to make the pan pipes so they are in tune with each other and be given information to make longer sets. I will demo how I make my embellishments so students can then use these techniques to add interest to the pan pipes.

Images show front and back of pan pipes like those created during this workshop.

Registration fee: $390

A kit fee of $86 will be collected by the instructor during the workshop for 30g of clay


Use this link to navigate to the store page where you can purchase this workshop, the General Registration, and more!

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