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Advanced Stone Setting in Precious Metal Clay with Karen Trexler

This workshop meets Friday and Saturday, August 25 & 26, 2023, 9AM-5PM with a lunch break

This two-day workshop will guide attendees through how to build advanced settings for firing stones in place in precious metal clay. Attendees will learn how to build settings for round and oval, asscher and radiant, marquee, and pear shaped stones. How to set very small accents stones will also be covered. This class will culminate in students creating a ring using their favorite set stone from the first portion of the workshop. How to securely assemble multiple small components into one ring will be covered, and tricks and tips on building rings will be shared.

These are the tools participants should bring along:

Soft, small paint brush for applying water and smoothing syringe;

Larger brush for dusting Tuff Cards/ small teflon sheets: this process involves joining and drying connections of lots of little pieces that will need to be moved to heat to dry;

Clay board/ work surface

Extra, old work surface/teflon sheet: to protect the surface you would roll clay on- will be cutting and drilling;

Medium sanding stick/ nail file

Extra small needle files

Scalpel Tweezers: should be fine tipped, for picking up and setting small stones

Small oval and circle templates with markings for use for guidance in prong positioning

Q-tip or disposable makeup applicator to clean stones with alcohol prior to firing

Clay Pick

Rolling frames


Acrylic sheet/snake maker for rolling coils

Dish for water

Sanding pads- from super fine to micro fine

Dust mask

A small candle warmer/ hot plate and a 3 prong extension cord

Mandrel to form ring on, silicon recommended

Optivisor or close up glasses if would be helpful to you for seeing details of small stones

Additionally, the following tools will be used (I recognize these are not all typical metal clay tools, and that participants may not already have these on hand. If participants do have any of them to bring along, or if they would like to purchase them anticipating wanting to set more stones using these methods after the class, I recommend them do so. However, I will be bringing a few sets of each to share with students as needed): A pair of small Dividers, Miter Jig, 2” steel square, Jewelers saw frame, Size 1 blades, Hand Drill, 2mm bur

Registration fee: $390

A kit fee of $120 will be collected by the instructor during the workshop and will include: Clay: EZ.960 clay 25g pack EZ.960 Syringe Stones (Must be able to be fired up to 1675) You need 1 of: 6mm Round 6x9mm Pear 6x12mm Marquise 8mm Asscher 6x8mm Oval 6x8mm Radiant 1 pack of 10 of 2mm round CZ’s

Use this link to navigate to the store page where you can purchase this workshop, the General Registration, and more!

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