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Silver Clay and Mokume-Gane Polymer Clay Pendant with Donna Penoyer

This workshop meets Friday and Saturday, August 25 & 26, 2023, 9AM-5PM with a lunch break

There’s only one way to say it: Mokume-gane is a blast! This workshop utilizes Donna’s favorite category of tools—pokey tools—to create playful, improvised, colorful polymer clay patterns that are almost always a gorgeous surprise. Students will have plenty of time to play and explore the process, sure to find color combinations that will knock their socks off. To turn these miniature artworks into jewelry, students will make silver clay frames designed with hidden mechanisms that will keep the polymer clay locked in place after curing, without glue. The leaf shape shown will be the starting point for learning how to build the frames, but a variety of shapes are possible. After the silver frames are fired/polished/patinaed, the mokume-gane veneers will be made into customized cabochons to match. Students will even be able to make double-sided pendants, if they like. As a last step, Donna will also teach how to polish the cured polymer clay, taking the students’ creations from good-looking to absolute gorgeous. Come play!

Registration fee: $370

Kit Fee: None—students will bring their own materials.

Materials students should bring: 

- Metal clay: Students should bring 25g of fast-firing fine silver clay, plus matching slip. Flexible clay is ideal. Instructor will suggest the preferred brand as the date approaches.

- Polymer clay: Students should bring at least 5-6 different colors of Premo Sculpey, available at craft stores or online. The more colors, the more experimental combinations can be created! Using some contrasting colors is recommended.

Those students who have scrap clay can bring a little of that, too. It will be used as unseen filler material, so the colors don't matter.


Tools students should bring: 

-Writing materials and paper

-Magnification device (Optivisor, reading glasses, handheld magnifier, etc.) 

-A small box (about 4"x6") to take home leftover mokume-game veneers

-Any favorite textures

See this workshop's store page for additional items that Donna will provide and students may optionally bring.

Use this link to navigate to the store page where you can purchase this workshop, the General Registration, and more!


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