Technique Discovery Workshop

"Experiments with Base Metal and Ceramic Clays" with Barbara Rivolta

Registration opens January 1st

Sunday, August 27, 2023, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

These fun Technique Discovery Workshops are just $1 each, and are open only to attendees who've purchased the MCAS General Registration. Please choose just one Sunday Technique Discovery Workshop. They're held simultaneously.

Barbara loves experimenting kand trying to figure out how to combine different materials. In this presentation she will share her experiments combining base metal clays with ceramic clay. She will discuss how she mixes the clays, applies metal clay to ceramic, and several alternative methods for firing base metal/ceramic clay pieces.

Images at left:

Beads: Porcelain beads decorated with copper, bronze, and sterling clays.

Bronze and Raku Clay Vase: Pot is 100% ceramic clay at bottom, bronze clay was added to the ceramic clay until the rim and decorative element were completely bronze. Saggar fired.


Three pots: Red vase with micaceous slip and silver. Other 2 pots are the same process as described for the bronze and Raku clay vase.

Barbara Rivolta pots w_metal_edited.jpg